Supporting Successful Digital Transformations with our Tech Talent in the Higher Education Industry

A prestigious Australian university is in the process of undergoing a digital transformation to modernise its technology infrastructure and systems. The university was facing challenges related to outdated technology systems, inefficient processes, and a lack of integration between different platforms. Key to the success of the transformation underway was partnering with Versent, a leading Technology & Cloud Transformation Consultancy, to provide AWS cloud platform solutions and engineering and project consultants to support the digital transformation.

FDG Consulting is a key Versent partner for Strategic Change Management and Talent Solutions. We support and supplement their workforce consultant requirements and are engaged to provide large flex teams of highly skilled technology talent with expertise in software engineering, Agile project management, and digital cloud transformation solutions. Our consultants are embedded in the University’s Digital Program and drive the delivery of enhanced staff and student experiences.

The close partnership between Versent and FDG is highly effective and successful. FDG identify and attract top talent with the necessary skills and experience to meet the demands of Versent clients. We truly work as one team and provide end to end talent services achieved through a collaborative approach that’s built on communication, transparency, and accountability. FDG provides people leadership and mentorship of our consultants on the ground on the Digital Program at the University and support their capability needs to drive successful outcomes. 

By providing access to a wide range of skilled and experienced technology professionals on an on-demand basis we support Versent requirements offering many benefits in our one team approach. Our technology talent – engineering, project and change consultants – are continuing to support the digital transformation helping to position the university as a technology first leader in the higher education industry by providing it with modern technology infrastructure and systems.