NAB – “We Want to Go Faster!”

FDG partnered with NAB, one of Australia’s largest banks, to support their Digital Business to speed up their velocity in delivering new digital solutions to customers and uplifting their Agile ways of working. 

Working with the NAB teams we designed and delivered a new agile operating model across the digital services business. This required the creation of new roles, teams and mapping of interactions across the impacted groups. The introduction of dynamic up front solution shaping and rapid delivery squads enabled the objective of “We Want to Go Faster!” 

Integrating Human Centred Design into our Change models and interventions we worked with leaders and teams to link the objectives to the bigger picture on how the workplace is changing, to connect people to a higher purpose driving meaningful conversations with stakeholders and employees. This helped the narrative on the WHY informing NAB’s digital vision and goals. 

This change impacted people, process and systems. Our Change team worked to closely with the NAB digital team to identify and document current ways of working, processes and interactions and created new interaction maps and uplifted Agile mindsets and rituals across the digital teams and the business to adopt and embrace the enhanced digital operating model and new ways of working.

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, the NAB teams with the support of our FDG Transformation and Change team sped up the velocity and release of agile digital delivery projects (customer digital apps) for the bank enhancing the digital experience for millions of customers.