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A private community of accomplished leaders redefining how they live, work and give.

We Are a Collective

of similarly staged classic over-achievers, all with different perspectives and intellectual diversity. Yet here we are at the pinnacle of our storied careers and still striving for something new, something different, something more.

The Power of Collective Intelligence

Our strength rests on the quality and diversity of our Members. Leaning in together to leverage our combined wisdom and experiences towards meaningful outcomes and impact.

A Shared Experience

The Collective offers an opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded peers who understand the unique challenges faced by other similarly staged leaders.


Tap into the shared wisdom of the collective and uncover knowledge, insights, and opportunities.


Discover “what’s next?” through a different lens that sparks inspiration and experimentation.


Try something new through authentic connections, serendipity, and shared experiences.


Enhance health, relationships, and personal fulfillment through work-life balance.

Trending topics within our Collective

Conversations often center around these topics but are ultimately guided by member goals and interests.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” - MARK TWAIN