Curated Collective Pilot Logistics & FAQs

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the launch of our pilot of Curated Collectives. Be among the first to experience the power of this transformative community, where accomplished leaders come together to chart new territories and redefine success. Assemble with like-minded individuals who share your passion for growth, learning, and making a lasting impact.

Pilot Program

As inaugural participants, you will have the opportunity to shape the experience, be a thought leader and inform how this community develops. We request all participants to engage in at least 6 sessions during this pilot. We trust that this experience will prove valuable and we hope you will continue your participation beyond the pilot.


Starting in January, Collectives will meet monthly for ~2 hours at our Boston offices. The first meeting may be 2.5-3 hours to ensure time for introductions and connections.  Dates and times of each group will be determined based upon group preferences.


These groups will be professionally moderated and based upon group preferences can include a combination of interactive discussion, group exercises, and small group breakout sessions. Each group will be thoughtfully selected to foster diverse perspectives and experiences. They will take a holistic approach navigating the intersection of personal and professional growth.


We believe that in-person meetings foster increased trust and real connection. All meetings will be held at our offices:


Prudential Center Tower 

800 Boylston Street
Suite 1510
Boston, MA  02199


For our inaugural participants, we are pleased to offer a rate of $1200 for the entire 6-month pilot. This fee allows us to ensure a high-quality experience and covers space, a professional moderator, customized exercises, materials, food & drinks. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost, please contact us to discuss.

About &then

We are a group of peers united by a shared purpose: to forge fresh paths and cultivate innovative opportunities that enrich both ourselves and the world we inhabit. Our mission is to empower individuals to shape their own unique path, designing a life on their own terms, reflecting their passions, values, and ambitions. From optimizing health and wellbeing to nurturing meaningful relationships, pursuing professional endeavors, and championing causes we believe in, collectively we hope to inspire new heights of growth, creativity, curiosity, and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your facilitator will email you in advance of the meeting with brief pre-work. In addition, please make sure that you clear your calendar to ensure your punctuality, full presence throughout the meeting, and active participation. The initial gathering serves as a chance to get to know group members and discover the unique qualities that define each individual. Your engagement contributes significantly to the richness of the experience, and we look forward to having you engaged in this exploration of shared insights and perspectives.

We expect the regular attendance of all participants. Meetings are pre-scheduled, and we are committed to accommodating scheduling preferences to support this expectation.

Collectives are designed to focus on empowering participants to shape their own unique path, designing a life on their own terms, reflecting their passions, values, and ambitions. Sessions will be built around professionally designed exercises and structured dialogue. There will always be time for peer advising focused on personal and professional challenges and opportunities. Confidentiality is critical therefore we ask that what is discussed in these meetings stays in the meetings.

Groups are thoughtfully designed to create a mix of backgrounds and experiences to provide a diversity of thinking. All participants are accomplished leaders, at a similar life stage, interested in optimizing the next stage of life.

Your Facilitator will provide structure and promote positive group dynamics—encouraging openness, trust, and support. Their role is to guide discussions, ensuring depth and relevance.